Group Classes


  Class Drop In    Try your first class for $10! $30 Buy Now
  Monthly Contract (3 Month Minimum) $140 Buy Now
  Unlimited 1 Month $175 Buy Now
  NEW CLIENT SPECIAL- 3 Months of Unlimited Classes + Heart Rate Monitor (Save $100) $320 Buy Now
  4 Classes a Month (Auto Renew) Membership $70 Buy Now
  Class Pack 5x $110 Buy Now
  Class Pack 6x + Heart Rate Monitor $160 Buy Now
  Class Pack 10x $208 Buy Now
  Class Pack 20x $385 Buy Now
  Class Pack 30x $552 Buy Now
  Six Months Unlimtied $760 Buy Now
  One Year Unlimited $1442 Buy Now


*** Please inquire about special Student/Teacher/Military pricing and Family Memberships***



VO2 Max Testing


VO2 MAX TESTING (Members Only) $25 Buy Now
VO2 MAX TESTING (Non-Members) $100 Buy Now




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