New to Cycology?

Let us acquaint you with our studio!


Getting started at Cycology is easy! Whether it is your first dabble into fitness or you are a seasoned athlete, Cycology is the place for you.
Our Keiser M3i bikes are top of the line, with a magnetically driven flywheel, cycling has never been smoother.

All bikes are compatible with standard SPD cleats or you can wear sneakers. We have 12 bikes that are look/spd cleat compatible only.  
Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to sign into the class and get comfortably set up on one of our bikes.

Our other studio that we use for classes including TRX, Barre, Ride to the Barre, Ride 'n Rip is a no shoe training studio. Please respect our rules and do not wear shoes into the studio, but kindly keep your socks on. We recommend training with grip socks or regular socks.

Please be courteous to others and do not use your cell phone during class.



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