Jas Blanton

Jas love to be as active as she can; hiking, swimming, exploring, off-roading, and everything in between! Although she has been active her whole life, fitness became more than just a hobby when she began to lift weights in 2011 and soon found strength training to be her passion. She believes that being healthy is a physical and mental journey that leads to an all together happier and more fulfilling life. When done correctly, every journey should be fun, easy, and of course life changing!

Jas Blanton instructs the following:
  • High intensity training at it's best!
    In this class get ready to use TRX, free weights, kettlebells, bungie bands, the bosu and most importantly your own body weight! This fun HIIT workout will burn fat, challenge your cardio vascular system and push your body to the next level. Tone, tighten and sculpt to achieve your perfect beach body!
    Come join the fun! Don't forget your grip socks.