Staff List

Johnny Archer
Johnny Archer has worked in the fitness industry for over two decades. Johnny first started as a dancer at the young age of 12 at the Eurmdum School of Ballet in the UK, focusing on jazz and ballet. Johnny's dancing career took him all over the world. In addition to ballet, Johnny began training in the marital arts at age 6. He became a disciplined martial artist- which took him to Japan as he continued and furthered his education in martial arts. Fitness has been a crucial part of his lifestyle. Not only does he preach it, he practices it as well. His passion for fitness and training is what brought him to San Diego, the mecca of fitness. ENERGY, EXCITEMENT, and deep SPIRIT for fitness can be felt when you take one of Johnny's classes. It's all about energy!
Johnny is a certified TRX, group fitness, The Pound Workout, Kieser, and indoor cycling instructor. To truly understand what a talent Johnny is to fitness, you must experience his classes for yourself!
Jana Rubenstein
Jana has led an active lifestyle for many years. She started playing tennis when she started walking. Jana's love for fitness brought her to San Diego- she is originally from New Jersey. She is an active runner and cyclist. Prior to coming to San Diego, Jana graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design. While studying design, she took her passion for fitness even further. She taught fitness classes in Providence to help further fund her education.
Jana is certified in indoor cycling, TRX training, and The Pound Workout.
Jeannine Coulter
Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Jeannine came to San Diego by way of Los Angeles, where she began her career in fitness, health and wellness. Jeannine's early training in Indoor Cycling and Yoga included an extensive, hands-on apprenticeship with former professional triathlete and Nike Spokesperson, celebrity trainer, Kimberly Fowler. The intense training of those initial certification courses taught Jeannine not only the athletic fundamentals of those particular disciplines, but also ignited a passion for fitness instruction of all varieties. She developed this passion, as well as her experience and expertise, at the Beverly Hills Country Club, where she also became an NASM Certified Personal Trainer. Her work with a Beverly Hills cycling team led to a job as a professor at the University of San Diego, where she taught the university's first credited cycling class. Most recently adding Pilates and Barre to her fitness repertoire, Jeannine's unique combination of certifications and training have enhanced and honed her skills as a trainer and instructor for students of all levels. Jeannine strives to amplify her student’s physical performance through the integration of breath and movement, as well as increased flexibility, stamina and strength. Each class at Cycology will bring new and inspiring music, tons of individual encouragement and most importantly – you'll have so much fun, you won't even realize how hard you're working! Jeannine's students can expect dedication, commitment, and a genuine desire to help each and every one achieve his or her fitness goals – whether it's weight loss, injury rehabilitation, or a general increase in health and wellness – Jeannine will get you there!
Zach Fiocca
Zach discovered cycling as a bike messenger in Chicago while getting his degree in Sociology at DePaul University. Drawn to "messing" because he could ride all day and listen to music, Zach quickly gravitated towards messenger races known as Alley Cats. He has won numerous messenger events all over the US and Canada including "The Tour Da Chicago," "C.A.M.P," "The Brick Layer," "The 'Stuper' Bowl," "The Cuttin' Crew Classic," and the prestigious "North American Cycle Courier Championships." Eventually Zach got into sanctioned racing and raced full-time road, track, and Cyclocross seasons. As a Cat 1 racer, he has placed in the top 10 at NRC races and won many local/regional races in the Midwest, Southern California, and Texas. As the"Texas Road Race State Champion" and a frequent overall podium finisher and consistent age group winner in 2013/14 Duathlon and Triathlon races, Spin has always been a significant part of his training and enjoyment of cycling.

Music has also held a prominent role: Zach grew up playing drums and experienced being a percussionist in various bands, traveling the US and recording. His spin classes are known for their exceptional music selection, including the music itself as well as the unique mixes he creates. Additionally, teaching continues to be a theme that has played out in fitness as well as community. Zach taught elementary school students as well as provided therapy and education to children with Asperger's Syndrome.
These experiences and passions have come together in his career as a fitness instructor. Zach began teaching Spin in 1999 and continues to enjoy it today. He loves making mixes and sharing music, workouts and energy. At this point, Zach is focused on Group Fitness, surfing, and having his creative itch scratched by making mixes and routines for classes. The introduction of video into his classes has him psyched, and he is excited to share this underutilized and new school element at Cycology. Zach's older sister Juli is a consistent inspiration for him, and races Ironman for Team Timex out of Austin.
Let's ride!
Jana & Johnny Cycology
Jana & Johnny are the founders of Cycology Fitness! One or both are instructing this class.
Lynda Turner
Lynda was born and raised in South Africa then moved to London where she lived for four years and traveled around the world. There was a brief return to South Africa before Lynda moved to Rhode Island with her husband in 1997. After years of competing and coaching her friends in half-marathons, marathons, triathlons and a few half-ironman’s – she decided to turn her passion for fitness into a career. Lynda is a certified Personal Trainer, Spin Instructor and Weight Loss Management Specialist. Her passion is health, wellness, fitness and nutrition. She lives by the motto: Fitness is your King, Nutrition is your Queen and together they create your Kingdom – Jack Lalanne
Dr. Chil & Dr. Stephanie From Skin Naturopathic Clinic
Skin, A Naturopathic Clinic is located in Encinitas, CA. The Naturopathic Doctors, Dr. Chil and Dr. Stephanie, focus on optimizing patient's health, natural medical aesthetics, digestive health, pain management, IV therapy, and nutritional injections. All of these services are tailored to the patient's individual needs based on scientific lab work and health analysis.
Alberto Giacomelli
Alberto is a seasoned cyclist who worked professionally cycling for 12 long years! He completed 3 vuelta, 2 tours and 4 giro d italia. He was named the coach of the year for the Italian nation team under FISI. 
He also opened the first cycling studio i Milan, Italy and still runs it with his brother.
Alberto is excited to bring his training from the road to the indoor bike.
Amanda Bell
Amanda has been a fitness professional for over 20 years. Originally from Idaho, Amanda earned a Bachelor degree in Sport Science from the University of Idaho. She then relocated to Sydney, Australia where she earned a Master’s Degree in Physical Education. Since earning her degrees, Amanda has been involved in many aspects of the fitness industry. She has certifications as an ACE Group Exercise Leader, TRX, Jillian Michael’s, Burn at Barre, Yoga Fit and AFTA Spin. Amanda has also spent over a decade teaching physical education to grades K-5. Presently, Amanda is a P.E. teacher at Pacific Trails Middle School in Carmel Valley. Teaching and educating youth about the importance of fitness and exercise promoting healthy futures. Amanda’s classes are high energy, fun and a fantastic workout!
Brooke Marshall
Brooke is a San Diego native who dove into teaching spinning and fitness classes when she was still in high school. Although she majored in anthropology and archaeology at UCSD, her true passion is fitness. She has always led an active lifestyle whether it be rock climbing, horseback riding or hitting the gym, she is always on the move. Brooke is a certified spinning instructor, personal trainer and barre instructor. She is always pushing clients and her classes to the next level so they can build confidence while creating the best version of themselves.
Sally Guenther
You’re as likely to see Sally cycling up the PCH (or through Spain, Italy, France, or French Polynesia) as leading a fitness class. Sally knows firsthand that fitness is not just about studio time or how good you look in your jeans and tank top (though, as a former founder of a 4000-member health club and 30-plus-year fitness expert, she’s got you covered there). A consummate cyclist, Sally enjoys riding over 150 miles a week and has competed in many centuries and double centuries. Sally’s spin, fusion, and barre classes are designed to improve your quality of life. And, it’s an improvement you can measure as she guides you in using the spin monitor and other benchmarks to set and achieve goals. Sally carefully curates her music and takes the time to choreograph—the seamlessness of her classes and the way the time disappears in a flash of movement and fun is no coincidence! You’re going to want to ask her for her playlist before heading out into the world with improved strength, mobility, and energy!
Rachel Kahn
Rachel is a native San Diegan and has been active her whole life. She was introduced to yoga at a young age and instantly fell in love with the practice. At age 16 Rachel got her 200 hour yoga alliance certification through Yoga Work at Prana Yoga in La Jolla, and became one of California’s youngest yoga instructors. Rachel taught yoga at the University of Southern California (USC) for the past 4 years where she just finished her undergraduate studies in Nutrition and Health Promotion. More recently, she finished her advanced 500 hour yoga teaching certification in Rishikesh, India.
Her classes are accessible to all levels and types of students. She is passionate about helping people “live yoga” both on and off their mats by providing breathing and meditation techniques in addition to physical postures. Whether you are new to yoga or an experienced practitioner come try her class!
Jess Martinez
Jess moved to San Diego from L.A. in 2012. She really fell in love with fitness in 2008. Spinning and running became a favorite instantly for her which led her to pursue teaching.
In her spare time she enjoys cooking, spending time with family and friends, but most of all traveling as much as possible with her husband!
Sam Maldonado
Samantha has had an active lifestyle since she could remember. A former collegiate soccer player, her passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle really developed while attending California State University East Bay where she majored in Kinesiology: Exercise, Wellness and Nutrition with an emphasis in Athletic Training. Learning about how and why the body moves the way it does inspired Samantha to dig deeper into her passion for helping people, fitness and knowledge. After graduating she decided to move down to San Diego where she felt she would develop as a person and an instructor. Samantha’s knowledge for how the body produces movements and recovers gives you the confidence that you will be doing the movements in the most efficient and effective ways.